BBC to launch channel for Scotland

BBC to launch channel for Scotland

Responding to the needs to reflect the UK and the people it serves, the BBC has reviewed its programming and services in the nations. As a result of this, the BBC will be making significant changes and major investments in the nations.

The BBC says it wants to do even more to reflect Scotland on screen and to recognise the need to spend more of the licence fee raised in Scotland on Scottish content and services.

BBC is making the biggest single investment in broadcast content in Scotland in over twenty years,” said the Corporation. From Autumn 2018, the BBC will be broadcasting a new TV channel – BBC Scotland. It will invest £19 million (€22.5m) in the channel and in digital developments.

It is also putting another £1.2 million into BBC Alba – which takes the total new commitment to services for Scotland – in Scotland – to £20 million.

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